Friday, October 9, 2015

Guys period

I believe girls have their period
Guys have too, guy just need to jerk it off to make them feel better after some period of time.
And what do you feel after it is "work done"(wd)?
If you are watching some video to get you wd with what you are doing , do you feel disgusting afterwards?
Do you feel that after wd ,you are like wasting your time don't know doing what shit?
How do you feel about it?

To me I feel shit, but it just have to be done this way
Since young and it will just remain this way till you get old
Man is horny by nature, and weird thing is why?
Sometimes it control you mind, when that feeling get too strong...
The biggest challenge in all guy I believe is to NOT TAKE OVER CONTROL BY YOUR BODY...
Always remember .... MIND OVER BODY!!!

Stop watching, stop thinking, just get over it ~

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