Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Protection is a process of a personal's growth delay

How many times in life you felt that you are right but there are many people out there say you are wrong?
How many times do you admit you are wrong than blaming others that they are wrong?

Compromise? Giving in? Don't care? Deserve what you are having now?
To be honest, if there is just one time you start to compromise? U will keep doing it.
If you start to care lesser, you will keep doing it and accumulate making it as a norm.

Stress changes a person, if you don't let the person feel it , nothing will happen
Don't let stress take over you, don't let time take over you but let you yourself to control every single things around you. Maybe there are too many things to consider when you grow older but you still have to learn it and get use to changes and not get used to not having changes...

Moment that you are not changing shows tat you are not growing you are not learning but you are staying on the same place same spot.

Un-learn which is restart from what you have been learning, have been experiencing is not an easy task. Therefore ones should always keep educating themselves by learning things even though he or she is working. Reason is simple, experience can be right or wrong, end of the day you must be able to accept the fact that your experience might be wrong, be willing to change your "long term right experiences" and to improve from it.

P/S- Positive , Possibility .

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