Sunday, September 27, 2015

Predicted life after ORD

After ORD back to study, I believe that is what everyone will do.
The feeling after ORD is definitely couldn't be describe but be prepared to face more challenges outside SAF.

I always think that I was good, got GPA-3.64 in poly, have a good girlfriend, got into OCS and get a placing in NTU. It just sounds so perfect, couldn't know that it was really tough for me now in university.I got into Electrical electronics engineering in NTU, I though I could score like how i did in poly but it is not going to happen anymore. Life is completely different now.

I am so confident that I will be better than others with the ways i do my stuff but sadly NO. I though I can juggle well between my work and my lifestyle but i realise I am lost now, I see the differences in me, I know I still able to make it and make a change now but I seems to be pessimistic once again.
University wasn't a simple life, please be ready to face the worst stage of your life.

When someone live their life with worries, fear. The person is highly going to get some depression and result in having negative thoughts.

I love a girl, it had been 2 years plus together. But what is love? What I did today? What I have done so far? Is the girl feel happy in the first place? It is unknown, am I happy with my life? It is unknown.

There was once someone told me this, if you feel that you are busy now while you are studying, do not expect that when you are working outside you will be free to learn and do the things you want. The amount of stress, responsibility is going to be more. The graph of your life is just going to be descending all the way. Sometimes you can be optimistic but still have to be realistic if not you are just being naive and you are cheating yourself...

I hope there is something or someone that could enlighten me now...

Honestly, other than appearances not being perfect, I feel my girl is consider the best.She is someone who could really do almost everything for me, she had changed, she have grown up, she still choose to stay with me.
I disappointed her, I feel that I have been slacking my life away, with no aims in life out of a sudden. A life that look like is going to be bright but wasn't , life wasn't simple anymore
I always wanted a simple life, to live with no worries..
I think I haven't overcome what I supposed to, I always procrastinate. I knew my mistake but I let other things taking control over me....
I need that Fire in me, Where are u?

... .. . . .. ...
If fire wasn't exist in your body, GET IT ON FIRE !!

Love wasn't simple anymore
Life wasn't simple anymore
Mind wasn't just that simple anymore

Work/Life balance?

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